Episode 2

Host and ace raconteur, Chris Baum, sits down with Go Direct’s VP and Guru of Business Solutions, Meg Etyemezian to dive into Go Direct’s robust integration and technology platform ACCESS GD and how we custom fit our solutions to our clients’ needs.

State of the Go Episode 2
Host: Chris Baum
Guest: Meg Etyemezian, VP Business Solutions


There is no typical day in the life of a 3PL business solutions expert. In this week’s episode of State of the Go, host and ace raconteur Chris Baum sits down with Go Direct’s Vice President and Guru of Business Solutions, Meg Etyemezian, to dive into Go Direct’s robust integration platform and client-facing reporting and analytics portal: ACCESS GD.

Join Chris and Meg for their deep dive discussion how Go Direct works with our clients to provide seamless, custom integration solutions for their Brands, our transparent on-boarding & reporting processes, and Go Direct’s commitment to always providing the right solution, no matter the challenge.

This Episode:

  • Meet Meg! A little bit about our VP of Business Solutions
  • Go Direct’s Enterprise Middleware Technology: ACCESS GD
  • Adapting our solutions to fit the custom needs of our Clients
  • Process: Disovery, Planning, Implementation
  • ACCESS GD’s Omni-Channel / Multi-Platform Capabilities
  • GD’s Comprehensive Storefront and EDI Integrations
  • Meeting B2B and DTC requirements
  • Spotlight: client-focused dashboard reporting and analytics
  • Our commitment to “Always-On” services and solutions
  • BONUS CONTENT!  Meg takes us through a personal tour of the vibrant culture, cuisine, and rich history of her heart’s home: Armenia.
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