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The World has Changed!

Technology has dramatically altered the consumer’s path to purchase.  Disruption is the New Normal for both brand manufacturers and retailers trying to keep up.  

Fortunately, our solutions can help you get ahead of the curve and stay there!

Direct to Consumer Gears

What Consumers Really Want

prefer to buy products online

Average number of  Millennials and  Gen-Xers who prefer buying online 

would rather
buy direct

Given the choice, the majority of people would rather buy directly from the brand

growth in online  CPG sales

Online CPG sales are growing at a rate doubling the rest of ecommerce sales

Direct-to-Consumer Ecommerce


Tired of  eroding margins through traditional distribution, or the constraints inherent in some of your other channels? Why not try something new?

Take full control of how you reach customers and engage with them. Significantly increase profits, build stronger brand loyalty, and own your valuable customer data!


Go Direct Commerce 

An end-to-end ecommerce, marketing, and fulfillment solution designed to help brand manufacturers, retailers, and others quickly build strong D2C channels.

GD Connect

GD Connect

Our robust ecommerce platform that provides a seamless and secure online shopping experience.

GD Grow

GD 2Grow

Proven marketing services designed to build awareness and personal, long-lasting brand connections.

GD Delivery

GD Delivery

Leverage our reliable, cost-effective delivery across North America in an average of two days or less.

Build Your Own Channel

There is a tectonic change in the retail and services industry. Technology has lowered barriers to entry for new market players, both on the demand and supply chain sides. New entrants develop, brand, market, and distribute on-trend products that resonate with underserved, high-potential customer segments And, they do it faster and for less cost than ever before!

We have created a flexible, turnkey, ecommerce solution that connect brands to consumers with easy management and data warehousing. Our platform lets you collect consumer data, then use it for the personalization and continuous improvement of your offering, promotions, product development and launches.

Go Direct has been at the forefront of helping retailers get “outside the box” when it comes to growth and profitability. Our approach provides brands the answers needed to engage with their customers at a 1:1 level along the path to purchase.  We focus on providing a unified consumer experience that increases customer value and loyalty, while helping our clients sell more, in less time, and for less cost.

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See how a Leading Sports Entertainment brand uses Go Direct to manage their unique fulfillment needs.
Direct to Consumer D2C

Create Long-Lasting
Customer Relationships

Our GD Commerce services let you build personal and meaningful 1-to-1 relationships with customers.

Buyers deal directly with brands they value and can take advantage of exclusive promotions and useful content.

You build a large and loyal base of buyers who will repeat purchase and also be open to other products you offer. With a D2C approach, everybody wins!

Ready to Take Control?

Invest a small amount of time to learn how GD Commerce can work for you.  Our unique approach will help you build a direct channel quickly and affordably.

The Company we Keep

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UFC and Direct to Consumer
Smart Sweets and Direct to Consumer
Direct to Consumer Nescafe
Windham and Direct to Consumer
Direct to Consumer Kitchaid
Nescafe Dolce Gusto D2C