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Chlorophyll Water: The Next Level in Hydration

Go Direct America is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Matt Levine’s Chlorophyll Water Brand for distribution throughout the United States and into Canada. While Go Direct has just launched a major state-of-art  3PL Fulfillment center in the U.S., Mr. Levine is no newcomer to success in America with Chlorophyll Water being the latest in a long established line of his brand achievements.

An American entrepreneur known for his ventures in branding, hospitality, wellness, and nutrition, Mr. Levine is bringing the benefits of Chlorophyll Water to the mainstream.

Chlorophyll Water is a purified water (carbon filtered, triple filtered, UV treated) enhanced by nature w/ the addition of Chlorophyll, a key ingredient and the vital green pigment in plant life. Fortified with the added health benefits of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin D for enhanced hydration. Chlorophyll Water is sold in select retailers, via ChlorophyllWater.com, and through Amazon.

Khloe Kardashian endorses chlorophyl water

Khloe Kardashian loves Chlorophyll Water.

Recent partnerships to expand the footprint have come through joint ventures with Sprouts’ Farmers Market, and nationwide via Urban Outfitters. Plus, big-time endorsements from celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Mandy Moore have pumped the buzz up to 1000.

According to article on her website poosh.com, Kourtney Kardashian believes that “Hydration is key for me. Drinking alkaline water or spiking my filtered water with minerals or liquid chlorophyll makes me feel like I’m multitasking by staying hydrated while also getting important nutrients my body needs and can’t always get from food.”

It’s not just fashionable celebs that are hydrating with the ‘phyll; indeed, Doctors across the globe continue to expand on the overall health benefits of making Chlorophyll Water a staple of your daily wellness routine.

With this amount of buzz and endorsement, Chlorophyll Water is aggressively scaling for increased success and with Go Direct’s cross-border capabilities and strategic fulfillment locations in Columbus, Toronto and Calgary, we’re excited to be a part of this incredible brand journey.

“We began speaking to Matt a few months back regarding bringing his brand to GDA for nationwide B2B and D2C fulfillment once we opened our new location in Groveport, Ohio” says Vice President of Business Development, Chris Baum. “We provide a true cross border solution as Chlorophyll Water scales across the U.S., Canada and wherever else Matt wants to go!”


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