Rock Across the Border!

We are specialists in cross-border growth.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Go Direct is how can we help a business scale their brand cross-border to meet market demands without increasing cost for fulfillment.

As we know, ecommerce knows no borders, and online merchants need to be able to deliver wherever their customers are located. But shipping into different countries can be an enormous challenge and with supply chain issues plaguing global commerce, finding an efficient, flexible inventory solution is critical for business success.

The upshot? You need an expert fulfillment partner to help your brand navigate cross-border inventory needs and trade regulations.


Mimi’s Rock has been a valued Go Direct partner since 2021. Together we’ve fulfilled orders across Canada and have seen first-hand their incredible success and growth.


So when they presented Go Direct with their goal to take their fast-growing products south of the border; we were ready to meet their needs. With the 2022 opening of our state-of-the-art temperature-and-humidity controlled 240,000 sq. ft. logistics facility in Columbus Ohio, Go Direct provides our Clients with efficient access to cross-border demand and speedy coverage of 85% of the North American market.

Additionally, like many of our Clients with specific storage requirements for products such as perishable goods, medical devices, electronics etc, Mimi’s Rock needed to be confident that the same Quality Assurance standards applied to their health and wellness products across all our locations.

Go Direct ensures all our owned-and-operated warehouse facilities in Calgary, Mississauga, and Columbus are certified cGMP compliant for the Nutraceutical, Health, Nutrition & Wellness categories. Our advanced, in-house technology solutions also provide the ability to monitor and track serial codes, triage expiry dates and perishable SKUs, and process returns . Each of our facilities is quality regulated by dedicated on-site teams to ensure each location exceeds the highest standards.

Go Direct was able to extend and transfer Mimi’s Rock brand inventories across multiple facilities while still meeting all regulatory requirements for their Health and Beauty products and maintain their speed-to-delivery promise to their customers.

When your business is booming, Go Direct can make transitioning to a multi-facility fulfillment model simple and seamless, while improving your Brand’s speed-to-market and managing costs.  We are proud to be a partner of ambitious and successful brands like Mimi’s Rock. So if you’re a growing business and looking across the border (in either direction!) ask us about how our scaling solutions can help your brand find new markets.

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