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What is GD 2grow?

The marketing needed to build a new channel from scratch takes hard work, creativity, and deep digital expertise. It is also very different than traditional Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketing which means it requires  a unique approach.

To help brand manufacturers transition quickly, we leverage a strong partnership with a specialized D2C marketing firm that is a true extension of the Go Direct team.  Whether you're a major brand focused on building a direct product channel, or an ecommerce start-up looking for a more comprehensive marketing program, GD 2Grow has a solution that fits.

D2C Marketing Services - Differences

D2C Marketing Differences

Although most CPG marketing is world-class, building direct relationships with consumers is far different, and in some ways, more challenging.  How is standing out from the crowd with a D2C channel unique?

•  Requires a different way of thinking

•  The messaging is more direct and explicit

•  Value needs to be given beyond the product

•  Personal 1-to-1 relationships must be built

• Requires high-frequency communications

•  "Community" is an important success factor!

D2C Marketing Services

Our D2C marketing services provide brands with a proven formula for building a loyal customer base quickly. With a strong focus on value-added content and virtual relationships, we turn buyers into raving fans of your products. Following are the four key pillars of the program.

Strategic Planning

The first step of D2C marketing involves creating a customized plan for your business. We start by gaining deep knowledge about your target audience and why they should be attracted to buying direct. We learn what's important to them, specifically how and why they buy from you. Finally, we create a strategy that will find them, attract them and turn them into long-term customers. We create a roadmap of the activities that will be needed to ensure success, then we execute!

D2C Marketing Services Strategy
D2C marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

The foundation of GD 2Grow is built on a sophisticated marketing platform designed to manage and track all digital marketing and even offline activities. This integration allows full visibility and influence on end-customer buying journies - from acquisition to retention. It also offers leading-edge capabilities for email marketing and driving buyers to impactful landing or web pages. We fully manage the system on your behalf and provide the data and metrics that count most for your new direct channel. 

Social Media Management

There is no denying the benefits of social media in today's business world. Building a strong social media presence for your products plays a critical role in making prospects aware you exist, and attracting them to your offering. It's also a key vehicle for staying in constant contact with your customers. Whether leveraging your brand's existing channels of building new targeted ones from the ground up, our focus is relevant content, frequency, and engagement. 

D2C Marketing Social
D2C Marketing Advertising

Digital Advertising

Traditional advertising has long been the cornerstone of big brand marketing programs. Although it continues to be effective in many areas, the use of digital advertising is proving itself a more cost-effective and direct approach in promoting a new concept such as a D2C channel.  When integrated with social media and email marketing, digital advertising is a powerful reinforcement that also drives immediate action.

Community Building

The reason digital marketing plays such an important role in developing effective  D2C marketing is that it offers companies relevant, frequent and direct contact with their buyers.  As important, it allows people to engage with other like-minded individuals to
build virtual communities.

A sense of community is very important for D2C marketing as it helps create emotional bonds between the brand and it's consumers. It also offers a vehicle for buyers to reach their families and friends with a positive feedback about the products they buy from you and how your relationship with them make their lives better.

Building connections, both with your brand and with others is the best way to improve loyalty and gain more lifetime customers.

D2C Marketing