GD commerce

D2C Channel Building for
Brand Manufacturers


The world of retail has changed dramatically since the early days of ecommerce. Along with increasing competition from pure-play online retailers, brands have also felt the increasing pressure from giant online "aggregators" over the years. Conventional brick-and-mortar retail chains have struggled significantly as consumer adoption of online commerce continues to grow.

Disruption is the new normal. Out of nowhere and from places least expected, massive organizations have emerged and forever changed the landscapes of their industries, changing the way that generations to come consume products and industries.   What disruptive companies have in common is that they recognized a gap in the customer experience and created solutions that satisfied a void in the marketplace.

Build your own e-commerce presence

Before now, it's been nearly impossible for CPG brands to effectively reach, engage and build a clear path to end-consumers. Starting from scratch is an enormous task with major investments in technology, time and expertise. We help you quickly and easily build a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) channel with our a fully integrated solution called GD Commerce.


For consumer packaged goods companies, building a D2C channel offers significant advantages. In most cases, it will augment existing ways already in place to reach customers. However, there are unique benefits that should make the direct approach a strong consideration for your products.

Greater Market  

Expand your distribution channels and reach more customers than ever before.  D2C adds a new dimension to your existing channel strategy.

The Customer 

One of the most important benefits of  D2C is that you can develop long-term and profitable relationships with your customers.

Higher Profit 

Cutting out layers of distribution will improve your bottom line. How would you like improve profits by 50% to 70%?

Own Your
Buyer Data

With other channels, you don’t “own” valuable customer data. With D2C you know who your buyers  are, how, and why they buy. 

Increased Sales

D2C channel in conjunction with your existing strategy will increase your sales as you develop new, ongoing  revenue streams

Wallet Share

By using D2C to connect with your buyers, you can directly promote your brand and products on your terms!

Ready to Take Control?

Invest a small amount of time to learn how GD Commerce can work for you.  Our unique approach will help you build a direct channel quickly and affordably.


The three major components of GD Commerce work together as a complete end-to-end solution. GD Connect is a robust ecommerce software engine that manages the entire buyer journey from the online order through delivery. The system is also fully integrated with
GD 2Grow, Go Direct’s customized marketing program, and GD Deliveryour product management and fulfillment capability.