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SMARTSWEETS background


The partnership between SmartSweets and Go Direct Supply Chain Solutions began in May 2017. Within days, the products were received by our warehouse, which then immediately began the process of order fulfillment to both retailers and consumers. Thanks to Go Direct’s seamless integration with SmartSweet’s online store, orders placed through the company’s website began flowing to our order and transportation management systems automatically, without the need for manual intervention.

To automate the process further, Go Direct also integrated with the order processing system used for SmartSweets’ retail channel.

All orders were processed, packaged and shipped within 24-48 hours and were delivered to their destinations within 1-7 business days.


SmartSweets chose to partner with Go Direct in an effort to streamline its supply chain processes, and to gain access to our central online tool which provides an overview of inventory movements, receiving, order fulfillment, shipments, etc., for all orders, regardless of source.

Quick turnaround of order fulfillment was essential. Go Direct not only delivered on the promise made by SmartSweets to its consumers, but also ensured customer satisfaction.


SmartSweets offers two flavours of gummy bears (sour and fruity) in various configurations (half boxes, mixed half-boxes, 12 bags, mixed full-boxes, etc.) to consumers and retailers, through its
e-commerce and retail channels.

Within the past 11 months, Go Direct has fulfilled approximately 8,000 consumer and 4,000 retail orders consisting of more than 200,000 pieces. In addition to regular fulfillment activity, Go Direct has also assisted  in distributing product samples to consumers on a number of occasions.

The key benefits that SmartSweets has gained through its partnership with Go Direct include:

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    A robust reporting suite which includes access to daily inventory reports, and detailed order history reports with lot numbers and tracking information.
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    Streamlined e-commerce order kitting and packing process from bulk.
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    Procurement of various shipping boxes.
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    Flexible systems and workforce management based on timelines.
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    Business reviews, reports and analytics.
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    Strong relationships with reliable transportation partners.

Quick Facts

Over 12,000 orders in 11 months

Over 200,000 pieces

Go Direct helps with both B2C and retailer activities

Services include product sample assistance


Go Direct and SmartSweets have fostered a close and productive working relationship. Go Direct’s customer service team schedule weekly conference calls with representatives at SmartSweets to share ideas, address existing or potential challenges, plan for future distributions, and identify opportunities for improvement. As SmartSweets grows and introduces new flavours to its product offerings, Go Direct will continue delivering on its commitments and contributing to the client’s ongoing success.