About Go direct

Enabling a direct path
between you and
your customers!

The Big Picture

Go Direct is an end-to-end, integrated ecommerce, fulfillment and distribution specialist for small startups to Fortune 100 companies. Our technology links seamlessly with our client's internal systems and web-based sales tools to make sure their products get to the people that need them as quickly as possible. We take care of the complete solution, from design and development, to deployment and operations; including supply chain and inventory management, logistics and payment processing.

Go Direct is a business in transition. Once the leading fulfillment house for the North American travel industry, since 2015 we have shifted our focus to helping brand manufacturers and retailers build cost-effective channels for both traditional B2B fulfillment and newly emerging Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) programs.

We help our client sell their products online, provide customized printing and packaging, and then deliver their products to consumers and businesses across the continent. We do this leveraging a robust end-to-end solution we call GD Commerce which provides everything needed to build, grow and sustain exceptional direct customer relationships.

OUR Vision and FOCUS

The demand for alternatives forms of distribution is reaching a groundswell as manufacturers look for profitable new ways to serve their customers. Ways that provide greater control and allow them to engage directly with buyers. 

Go Direct About Us Looking Ahead

Direct-to-Consumer. or D2C is a perfect way to accomplish these goals, but the legacy approaches to marketing and fulfillment simply don't apply to D2C.  That's where we come in.

We mastered the art of fulfillment long ago. Today and in the years ahead, our focus lies in helping clients solve the other pieces of the puzzle in developing their D2C channels. Namely world-class ecommerce at the order management level (GD Connect), and effective marketing services designed to build awareness, acceptance and customer satisfaction (GD 2Grow).

Of course, we haven't forgotten about flawless execution on the delivery side. For D2C clients, our GD Delivery services complete the buying process. For companies looking for B2B Fulfillment, we have them covered as well. 


Customer Centric:
Our customers come first and are at the heart of everything we do.

Quality First :
We understand that every order shipped is really an extension of our clients brand’s promise to their consumers. 

We understand that order fulfillment is much more than just delivering a box, and we take ownership and pride in our role of ensuring 100% satisfaction through the entire customer journey.

We work together to find solutions and innovations that we provide back to our clients.

We recognize the importance and value of bringing together individuals and their different perspectives into our place of work - regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, and disability.